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Special Issue "Conceptual Breakthrough of Noncoding RNAs in Biomedicine"

This special issue is published in Biomedicines

This Special Issue aims to collect high-quality papers addressing the concept of the noncoding RNA (ncRNA) functional system and its role in biomedicine. The conventional understanding of ncRNA functions is largely derived from protein-driven systems derived from organisms with limited noncoding regions, such as E. coli and yeast. However, the human genome carries more than 98% noncoding regions that are almost all actively transcribed, which makes the human genome distinct from that of yeast. Recent big data studies revealed that ncRNAs possess a unique functional system distinctive from the protein-based system, and proteins only work in the normal physiological state, whereas ncRNAs play much broader, critical roles than originally thought when coping with a wide array of abnormal physiological states such as cancers. The protein-based concept of ncRNA function is inappropriate for understanding their roles in biomedicine. New breakthrough concepts have become critical in advancing our understanding of ncRNA functions. This Special Issue welcomes any type of study covering this conceptual breakthrough, such as mathematical models, physical models and laws, computational algorithms, data analyses, and biological evidence. This collection will eventually become a leading platform for uncovering the fundamental principles of ncRNAs. Dr. Anyou Wang Guest Editor


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